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videos to engage audiences.

Core Services

Corporate & Brand Videos

Project Planning Photo

Strategic Video Planning

Video Concept

This is the first step where the main idea for the project, the budget, and location(s) are confirmed!

Visual References

We share video and photo references from our projects and other projects. This provides inspiration and helps set expectations for the final results.

Script Writing

We help write a script for your video that will be a “blue print” for the look and sound of the final video.

Video Production Photo

Video Production


We typically visit the location before filming to help us prepare for lighting and sound.


The professional crew is prepared for a successful shoot with audio, video, and lighting equipment. 


We communicate what we’re working on, the next step, and address any questions throughout the whole process.

Video Editing Photo

Video Editing


We select the best fitting video clips to keep in the final video.


High quality sound, add sound effects, and licensed music to your video.

Graphics and Titles

The desired animated graphics, text, and logos are added. After this, we deliver the final optimized video for wherever you want to use it.  

Real Estate Videos

Kitchen Stove

Property Videos

90 Seconds

Showing your favorite areas of the house to get potential buyers excited to see the property in person. 

Includes Drone Footage

Smooth, high-quality 4K drone footage for an accurate feel of the property location.


We deliver you unbranded and branded versions of the video for NJMLS, Zillow, your website, and social media. 

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